A multi-flavoured mountain kingdom of dwarves

Name generation is underway, and it's time to show off some of the results so far. In addition to generating city names, I'm also dabbling into fantasy "languages". The languages are so far very basic, and not all words roll naturally off the tongue. As with everything, it's a work in progress.

The images shown below depict a region of a mountain kingdom. I asked in an earlier post what would constitute good city locations. These images are not generated with the default city placement rules, - but rather it's a test to weigh inland high-altitude higher. (Dwarves, anyone!?).

Kingdom with Language 1

Kingdom with Language 2

Kingdom with Language 3

Kingdom with Language 4


Easter update!

So, it's easter!

I have been rather busy at work lately, so progress has been rather slow. This update comes from my tablet, in a cabin far from the city. Technology is amazing. Anyway, what's going on in these fictional worlds? City placement has seen significant improvement. They now appear in locations that seem very reasonable. I am also looking into city name generation, as well as road connections between the cities. Once the name generation framework is complete, rivers, coastlines, forests and mountains will start getting names as well.

Once that is done, I want to track down some better textures for mountains and deserts, as well as some better city icons. Perhaps some of you readers want to contribute with something here? Would be appciated.

And once THAT is done, I am going to start preparing for an alpha release! Excited? Yes, me too.

But for the next days I will be busy relaxing and eating well!