Something coming very soon.

I know it's been some time since I posted an update here. Things have progressed, although slower than I had hoped. And somewhere along the way, I thought to myself "I want to get something out there. Anything!". So I decided to create a small, stripped down version of the software. Call it a poor man's prototype. And it's almost done! (We're talking a week or two, if not days).

Now this little "teaser" of an application does not contain much customization or choices, but it at least contains a petty few. But then again, it does produce maps.

The thought is that I'm going to update this little thing as I proceed with the core libraries, so that anyone who wants to, can offer feedback. Hopefully this leads to discussions that increases the quality of the final product.

Once I publish it, I'll include a text file that summarizes the largest restrictions compared to the complete version.

Hopefully you'll take time to give it a spin when the time comes :)