Fixing the demo!

So, some people were experiencing problems running the demo. It turns out I was accidently using some .NET 4.5 specific code. At least I suspect that is the problem, as the demo now runs flawlessly on my wife's computer as well. I've uploaded a new version with the fix at https://sites.google.com/site/genworlds/

This release also contains debug files. So if the application still crashes violently, you should be able to help me find out why. Here's how:

  • Control Panel
    • Administrative Tools
      • Windows Logs
        • Application
          • Look for glaring errors

Once you find the error symbol (or two), copy the content and mail me at generatedwrlds@gmail.com please.

Hopefully it'll all be smooth sailing though :)


The way ahead

The demo is out, and I want to reveal some plans for the future. Some of the priorities will be driven if/when I get some feedback on the demo version on what people would like to see, but I have many plans of my own as well. So, here's what I want to do!

  • Do some minor work on rivers, in an attempt to remove the most ridiculous-looking ones.
  • Create a second map theme, which will most likely be an aged, wrinkled, parchment-like theme.
  • Aim for fully-flexible map sizes.
  • Support both 32-bit and 64-bit.
  • Create consistent textures that appear the same, independent of map sizes.
  • Add serialization to map objects. This in itself doesn't offer much, but with proper serialization in place, I can:
    • Load and store map objects (not images)
    • Allow users to customize the different layers applied to a map
    • Manually place cities, labels ++
    • Add various post-processing effects.
  • Create a full UI experience.
  • Improve the random name generator significantly.
  • Improve the language libraries significantly.
  • Create a proper installer.
Further down the road when I am happy with the application itself, the goal is to keep adding more interesting and unique themes.

So you can see, there's enough to do!

Time for a small demo

A small demo version has been made available. As with most demos, not all functionality or "content" is included. But it is a good way to show everyone what this project is all about.

It should be noted that this version is based around a "one-click equals finished map" concept. The end product down the road aims to allow for manual processing and post-processing as well.

The demo, as well as some disclaimer bulletpoints on the version can be located Here.