So, what goes into the term "Generated Worlds"? Well, that depends on who you are and why you found your way here. For me, it's a passion. I've always liked playing roleplaying games, - and each of the roleplaying games I've played feature a living breathing world. Some worlds go beyond unrealistic, and some remain similar to our own earth. But the world is always there. Detailed, vivid, and full of history and lore. "Whoa, hold on!" you might be thinking. There's no way you can automatically generate a whole world. You're probably right. I've had no success before, and there's really no reason why I should succeed this time. But I'm still going to try. I appreciate company along the way, so if you'd like to urge me on, offer me constructive critisism on my latest strategy, beat me down if I fly too high, or even if you come here just to gloat over the fact that you can do better ... I welcome you!

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