Out of hibernation

So, this blog has been in hibernation for quite some time. So has work on the project, unfortunately. It came to a point where it took a little too much of my time, and some parts of it was quite frustrating. Other excuses include a few addictive games, moving the family to a new house, and a new job.

But, to the point. It's out of hibernation. I've decided that what I have now has potential, and already it might be worth something to someone. So I've shifted my focus slightly. I've started creating a web page so that everyone can try out what's already there, and pitch in their ideas for future stuff. I'm convinced that this will fuel motivation to keep going.

I've also been tidying up some of the map generation code. Parts of it was a bit messy, due to the pure nature of "try and fail" with different algorithms and functionality.

Can anyone recommend a web host that supports ASP.NET MVC 4, and has no shortage of CPU power and RAM? Creating these huge maps is a pretty taxing process ;-)

I promise to stay in touch while creating the website, and of course I'll inform everyone the very minute it's up and running!



  1. Welcome back! I don't know nothing about no algorithms, so......good luck with that?

  2. Thanks! Luckily, I can put off complex stuff for now, and focus on the website. That's less complicated, but still alot of work :)