Beyond black and white

I'm currently experimenting with color templates (or Palettes if you will) to create distinguished looks for the maps. Screenshots are coming very soon, there's just some tidying up left before it's presentable.  Beyond that, I'm interested in finding out what people would find useful to have in an autogenerated setting.

I'm thinking:

  • Cities
  • Climate zones (visualize this, somehow)
  • Rivers
  • Mountains 
Anything else that seems important for the map portion of the project?

Lore, Naming generators ++ comes at a later stage.

Algorithms for finding decent city locations in an random environment is going to be challenging, I think. Rivers are much the same; Quality rivers that look good are challenging. But that's half the fun, and part of what keeps me motivated.

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  1. Very belated happy new year! I just found this through images on Google. Might I suggest random forest and desert generation. I know that they must be in logical places on a map, but I can never decide outlines/boundaries for mine. Just a thought.