The evolution of rivers

Just a short update that shows off usage of what I've called the "river curve weight factor". Some of you mentioned that you thought the rivers were too curvy. So I've made multiple configurable options for rivers. The curve weight factor being one of them. I've added an animated gif that shows the factor in action, with the values 1.6, 1.4, 1.2, 1.0, 0.8, 0.6.

What do you think?


  1. Very nice. You might want to try varying the curve factor along the length of the river, so that it has curvy parts and straighter parts. In the real world, rivers have more bends in flat areas, and less curved where there are strong changes in elevation.

    Two other things from this particular map... Unless there is a mountain range between the start of the river and that western sea, it's not likely the river would travel that far in the opposite direction of the nearest water. Also, you could try making the river wider at the mouth than at the source.

    Hmm. Have you thought of adding tributaries?

  2. Aye, good point on the curve factor. The river has different curve values along its length (naturally), but right now they are all multiplied by the same curve factor. I'll try implementing different factors for different segments of the river.

    Tributaries are coming! Some code already in place.

    And as for your point of this particular map. Yes, this is an annoying problem, and I'm trying to think of a solution that works out well...