First version of Starfields

So, I've been spending the past day or so creating a new theme for starfields. It's still early, but the early result shows some promise. There's more I want to do with this, - to add brighter stars and perhaps a planet or two. Any ideas beyond that? Would be much appreciated.

Anyway, here's an example of the first version of starfields.

Starfield version 1


  1. I like the green. And the chains of stars totally invite the creation of new constellations and associated myths.

    I don't know if this would work with your programming, but could you tell it to generate random "heights" for bright stars/mountain peaks?

    As for planets, the only thing I know to suggest is something like http://donjon.bin.sh/scifi/system/ or http://donjon.bin.sh/scifi/tsg/ because it gives you a whole system - saving you from all the logistics of individual planets working together. Some way to create moons for large planets would be cool.

  2. Thanks!

    Can definitely do different heights! In face, "Version 1.5" is already generating stars of different sizes (and colors). Can also model luminousity independent of star size, but that is easiar to just "randomize" based on the master seed. My most firm rule is that the same seed should produce the same results, - Always.

    And wow, cool links. Really nice find :)